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Summary Care Record

Updated on 26th June 2012 at 1:34 pm


The National Summary Care Record is a programme to develop a basic national record for every patient in the NHS and is currently being rolled out in North Tyneside.

The basic idea is that to improve patient safety it would be useful to hospitals and emergency services to have access to some basic information on every patient.

The summary care record is not your full medical record. Only your GP has that. The Summary Care Record will only contain:- A list of your allergies, a list of your adverse reactions, a list of your medication.

As a patient of this practice you should have already received information from the PCT including an opt out form to complete if you do not want your details uploaded. If you are happy to have a record you need to do nothing.

If anyone has lost their opt out form, additional copies are kept at Reception or though the following website