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Updated on 26th April 2024 at 4:35 pm


Extended Hours Service

The Practice runs a very popular late night surgery every Monday evening for those patients who will find this time more convenient. Appointments are available with both doctors and practice nurses – please ring the normal surgery number for an appointment.  On the night of the late surgery you can access the Practice by telephone, should you have a query about your appointment, by ringing the following number 07597 956465. This number is only available on a Monday night between 6 and 8pm and is not an emergency number.


NHS Health checks are being offered to people aged between 40 and 74 once every five years. The check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes.

Heart Clinics

Patients with heart problems are invited for an annual check-up to discuss any problems they may have with the Practice Nurse.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) Clinics

Patients with long-term breathing problems are invited for an annual check-up to discuss any problems they may have with the Practice Nurse.

Asthma Clinics

Patients with asthma are invited for an annual check-up with the Practice Nurse to discuss any issues they may have.

Cervical Screening

We recommend that all women have regular cervical smears. Our routine cervical smear service is run by the Practice Nurses. Women aged 25 to 65 are invited to attend for a smear at regular intervals, not more than three yearly (unless otherwise indicated). The Practice Nurse will take the smear and also offer advice on other aspects of health.

Travel Immunisation and Advice

By appointment, to give advice to overseas travellers. The Practice Nurse can give you up to date information on requirements for your holiday. A full range of immunisations are available plus advice on malaria tablets. Book appointments at reception approximately two months before travelling. Please ask at reception for up to date costs for travel vaccines

 Childhood Immunisations

Childhood immunisations are given by the Practice Nurses  – please telephone or ask at reception for further details.

Smoking Cessation Clinics

The practice provides an in-house smoking cessation counselling service with the Practice Nurse. Please make an appointment at reception.

Or use the stop smoking helpline

Call 0191 643 7171 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) or email


To be referred, please make an appointment to see the Doctor who will assess you and make the referral if appropriate.

Counselling Service

The practice provides an in-house counselling service. Please make an appointment to see the Doctor who will make a referral if appropriate.

Diabetic clinic

Our Practice nurse has appointments for all patients diagnosed with diabetes and runs annual review and routine appointments for their continuing care.


We provide confidential contraceptive advice. All women need to be assessed by a doctor before starting the contraceptive pill. Follow up appointments can be made with the Practice Nurse. Intrauterine devices (coils) and diaphragms are fitted after assessment with a doctor at a special session.

Ante-natal Clinic

An initial referral will be made to the midwife by one of the doctors and thereafter by appointment.

Baby and Child Health Clinics

These clinics take place every Tuesday and are run by the Health visiting team. You are welcome to bring your baby or child, under 5 years, without an appointment to see the Health Visitor about general problems in their development. This clinic is an opportunity to have your baby weighed, discuss feeding, sleeping, or any other concerns.

Seasonal Flu Clinics

Between October and January every year patients are invited in to receive a season flu vaccination. Patients considered “at risk” and/or over the age of 65 will be sent letters in the two months leading up to October inviting them to make an appointment with one of the Practice Nurses.