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PPG Minutes March 2023

Updated on 27th June 2023 at 11:08 am


The PPG met on 14 March 2023 the minutes are as follows:

In Attendance: Practice Members Dr D W Colvin Dr E M Davidson L Dodgson (PM)
Patient Members (Full names protected) HP,JA, AK, JS, HM, WH,JN,JC,MM,
Guest Speaker Not applicable
Apologies received

Practice Members Dr S A Richardson, Dr D J Summers, Dr S J Pearson, Dr L D Sayers, Dr H E Berry, Dr H E Harman, S Downie (PS)
Patient Members (Full names protected ) HC,LB
Thanks were given to all who attended and apologies received. Fire Alarm information was given out.

Agenda Items:

• The group was informed about the imminent retirement of Dr Doug Summers. Dr Summers was a long-standing partner with the practice and we thank him for his years of work and dedication. The PPG were sad to hear about Dr Summers retirement but were extremely pleased that we have been able to recruit a replacement and felt that the “personalised list” system would be a big draw to anyone coming into General Practice.
• The group was subsequently informed about the appointment of a replacement for Dr Summers – we are delighted to announce that Dr Daniel Marr will be joining us in March and taking over Dr Summers list of patients. We hope that Dr Marr will be able to join us at the next PPG meeting
Any other business
1. Ear syringing – a member asked about the ear syringing service as it was impossible to get an appointment. Dr Colvin explained that ear syringing clinics used to be undertaken by the District Nursing service but that the Trust had stopped these and they were now run through Whitley Bay PCN. L Dodgson explained that appointments are available thought the W/Bay PCN Hub, but there are only two morning clinics per week and we are only allocated one patient per clinic (as are the other practices).
2. A member asked about accessing the Menopause clinic and whether it was open to patients of Whitley Bay HC. Dr Davidson said that we could book patients into the clinic which again are organised via the PCN Hub. A member stated that this information should be made available to everyone. L Dodgson confirmed that details of what appointments are available via the hub have been on the Practice website since last October and that the Practice booklet is currently being updated to include more information about clinics across Whitley Bay. L Dodgson also stated that the reception team have been fully trained on booking into our hub appointments and will use them as much as possible and where appropriate.
3. A Member enquired as to whether we could send the PPG text messages about meetings, especially if a meeting is changed/arranged at short notice. L Dodgson explained that any one who has an appointment booked currently gets a text reminder if they have consented to receive one. L Dodgson said she would trial this for the next meeting and send everyone a text confirming the date.
4. A member stated that they had heard that Northumbria Trust, Diabetic Podiatry department was closing and how would that affect patients – would they have to access services at the RVI. Dr Colvin stated that the trust was struggling to recruit staff but that no formal notice of closure had been issued as far as he was aware
5. L Dodgson asked the PPG members as to the current status of the Patient forum which was a very successful and well attended group and was useful to feed any concerns about services that the Practice had. PPG member JS stated that following the end of N/Tyneside CCG and the creation of the ICB, the group has pretty much disbanded in the format it once was. JS stated that the ICB was looking at a “Place Based Partnership Group” but it is unclear how this will work or where it would sit under the current set up. The PPG expressed concerns that there is now no voice or way to feed into the ICB. Dr Colvin stated that Practices do not meet with the ICB as it stands as there are only two GP representatives in our ICB – neither of which are from North Tyneside.

Meeting concluded.

Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday 27 June 2023 – 6.30PM