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Patient Participation Group minutes August 2016

Updated on 8th November 2016 at 11:26 am


Minutes 02.08.2016

In attendance         Patient Members    –   HC, MM, HP, JP, AS, JA

Practice Members –    Dr A J McManners, Dr D W Colvin, Dr L D Sayers,

Sister M Rathbone, Lynne Dodgson (PM)


Apologies received   Patient Members – MA, PG, JK, PL, PS

Practice Staff        –  Dr S A Richardson, Dr D J Summers, Dr S J Pearson,

Dr E M Davidson, Susan Downie (PS)

FFT results were stated on the Agenda document.

Thanks were given to all who attended and apologies received.

Agenda Items:


  • Urgent Care Consultation – update Lynne Dodgson

Lynne Dodgson informed the group that no formal decision had been made so far but that discussion with local providers and the CCG were ongoing. Lynne Dodgson stated that the Senior Development officer for NTyneside Community and Health Care Forum, Michelle Spencer would be asked to attend the next PPG as soon as a formal decision had been reached. Lynne Dodgson stated that because the CCG was under special directions from NHS England most major decisions about services were being delayed. Dr Colvin went on to clarify what the Special Directions meant – that the CCG had a large financial deficit and therefore had been classed as inadequate by NHS England. The CCG are under directions to ensure that the deficit is cleared in an agreed timescale.

  • Quality Care Commission CQC Inspection – update Lynne Dodgson

Lynne Dodgson stated that it had been four weeks since our CQC inspection and that the result had just been formally announced. Dr Sayers was pleased to inform the group that the Practice had been awarded an “Outstanding” rating which everyone was thrilled about. Several of the patient members stated that they thought it was a well deserved rating. A patient member (JA) enquired as to what the inspectors looked at during their visit and what they had liked about the Practice. Dr Sayers explained how the visit was conducted and concluded that although a very stressful and busy time for all staff it was very informative and interesting process overall. Dr Richardson stated that the CQC inspectors in particular liked our “personalised list” system which was fairly unique in the country and could see that it led to a high quality continuity of care for our patients. Dr Richardson also stated that the inspectors said they had never seen such high patient satisfaction ratings for a practice. Dr Sayers informed the group that the Practice is the 7th highest rated in the country for seeing a named GP (the other 6 are single handed GP Practices).  Lynne Dodgson stated that she would send to all PPG members a copy the CQC report when she posted out the next set of meeting minutes.

  • NHS England/Capita plan for purge of patients from a list – JC

Lynne Dodgson stated that Capita had recently been awarded the contract for NHS Supplies and movement of GP Patient records. Lynne Dodgson also went on to state that it had been stated in the media recently that Capita were proposing removing patients from a GP Registered list if they had not been seen in a surgery for 5 years or more. Lynne Dodgson stated that Capita were under severe pressure at the moment as the movement of GP records was something of a shambles. Lynne Dodgson went on to state that our Practice alone was waiting for over 200 sets of notes and most practices were the same. Unfortunately Capita had commenced the service even though the pilot was not completed and they seemed completely overwhelmed by it. Lynne Dodgson stated that she did not think Capita would be in a position to trawl through lists of patients registered at a surgery at the moment as they had more important problems to address. Dr Colvin stated that in practices south of the Tyne there was a potential for “ghost” patients (patients who have died, moved abroad etc.) still to be registered when they should have been removed. Lynne Dodgson stated that all concerns regarding Capita were currently being discussed locally with the Local Medical Committee (LMC) and nationally though the BMA.

  • Patient Forum Newsletter – HC

A Patient member (HC) brought a copy of the latest North Tyneside Patient forum newsletter to the group. Lynne Dodgson stated that she would make copies and display in the surgery.

Any other business

  • A patient member (JA) enquired about the size of the North Tyneside CCG deficit and whether the GP’s were concerned about it. Dr Colvin confirmed that all local GP’s were concerned with the amount of debt, how it had accumulated, how we could best address the issue and that we like, the other 28 Practices in the area were conversing regularly with the CCG board to tackle it. Dr Colvin stated that historically Primary Care has always been under funded. 90% of all patient contact takes place within a Primary care setting but we only receive 9% of the total NHS Budget. A patient member (HC) stated that she understood there had been several “interim” finance and other managers appointed by the CCG to help tackle the problem.